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Harris Capital Advisors, LLC, a Minority-owned firm, is a Healthcare Advisor specializing in Long Term Care funding. If you have looked at purchasing Long Term Care (LTC) insurance in the past, you may have experienced sticker shock. The game has changed. Let us show you how!

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Our Mother fell and broke her hip in 2005. Mom’s fall, along with other health challenges, contributed to a steady and continuous decline in the quality of our family’s life. She was never herself again. Her health spiraled until her death in 2014. Our mother lived by herself and most of the responsibility for looking after and supporting her fell onto my sister. The lack of a healthcare plan of action caused quite a rift amongst the Harris siblings. Many of the wounds were never healed. We learned the hard way; if we only had a healthcare plan of action it could have made all the difference in our world. We have been there and can help you and yours control your own narrative.

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